Project Description

MWP were contracted to carry out the Detailed Design and contract administration for the proposed development at Bantry Inner Harbour. The project consists of the construction of a new Quayside Marina, major reconstruction to the existing pier, a reclaimed Amenity Area and significant dredging of the inner harbour. The scope also requires the analysis and treatment of both contaminated and uncontaminated dredged spoil, waste licence procurement, planning compliance as  well as liaisons with EPA and local authority. The details of the Phase 1 Scope of Works are as follows;

  1. Construction of a bunded receptor for treated contaminated material adjacent to Railway Pier.
  2. Roadside reclamation – Seawall construction comprising 120m of new quay and reclaiming 20m width of foreshore. Dredge material used a reclamation fill. Dredging to -4m CD to the seaward side of this new seawall.
  3. Town Pier improvements- widening of existing pier and extension to pier to facilitate dredging to -4m CD.
  4. Dredging and stabilisation treatment of material from dredge pocket (25,000m3) and placement within road side reclamation and amenity bunded area under a Waste Licence.
  5. Construction of rock armour revetment.
  6. Dredging of clean material to design dredge depth of -4m CD
  7. Installation of marina pontoons alongside road side reclamation.
  8. Construction of floating breakwater at the entry to the inner harbour.
  9. Seabed sampling and water quality testing as part of the waste licence application including EPA liaisons

Scope of Works also includes for:

  • Elimination of Risk to aquaculture and other activities from dredging of contaminated non-hazardous sediments
  • Management of Risk of possible spread of contamination from the un-dredged areas either side of the dredged area in to the ëclean material.
  • A suitable buffer between the existing quay wall and the dredging to avoid undermining of adjacent quay structure. Construction phasing.
  • Construction works were phased in a manner to facilitate ongoing operations on the Town Pier.