Project Description

The storms of the winter of 2013/2014 damaged the approach piers to Courtown Harbour and the revetment that provided protection to the harbour and an area to the north. Wexford County Council commissioned Malachy Walsh and Partners to undertake surveys and assessments of both structures, to design remedial works, to procure contractors to undertake the works and to administer the construction contracts.  The services included the procurement of topographic surveys, ground investigations, visual inspections of the damage, and an assessment of areas in need of refurbishment and the prioritisation of repair works.  Damaged areas of revetment were repaired by placing a layer of 5 to 7T rocks on the face of the existing revetment, the raising of revetment crest levels, and, the lowering of toe levels.  The heads of the north and south piers were repaired by encasing the pier structures in concrete and grouting the main body of the piers.  Malachy Walsh and Partners also provided resident engineering services and PSDP duties for the refurbishment works.